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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Tagged By Peter..

1. snap the picture of both inner and outer of your purse/wallet.
2. introduce your purse brand, price and where u buy.
3.take out whatever its inside ur purse/wallet
4. tagged other person
5. comment on ur fren's (who tagged u) purse/wallet..


1.Snap Picture.

2. This is my wallet, black colour.. given by someone that i cant tell u the history.. =)

3. gmbr kedua nih adalah kesemua benda yg ader lam dompet aku.. kecuali syiling, aku dah masukkn lam tabung.

4. xth lagi nk tag sape.. nnt aku try tag uncle aku.. hehe~ ..

5. comment sal dompet mmber aku nih, mmg byk gler kad lam dompet dia. Aku fikir dia mmg mmpunyai hobi yg sker mengumpul kad.. =p

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